Welcome to Family237

Financial… Physical… Mental… Help is at hand.

You now have your very own Support Network where you can seek help with any of your immediate issues.

How does it work?

Primarily, this will be a place where we can offer non-judgemental and totally discreet help with any short-term financial emergencies or situations you find yourself in.

We have a ‘committee’ of eight of our most loyal VB Family on hand to help. These members are:

Steve & Amanda Reed, Dawn & Sean Quinn, Jeff n Jules Garcia, Lisa Attenborrow and Michelle Ward.

  • Kids need clothes for school?
  • Upcoming school trip you simply can’t stretch to?
  • Utility bill caught you out this month?
  • Need funds for an important hospital trip or an overnight stay to visit sick friends?
  • Vet bill come at the worst possible time?
  • Send flowers/chocolates/poppers to someone having a hard time of it all right now?

Those are just a few examples of how we find ourselves stuck in a corner with nowhere to turn, from time to time.

Who can ask for help?

Anyone considered a ‘certified member’ of the VB Family can ask for immediate financial help, funds permitting. We appreciate that asking for help may be too embarrassing for some people, rest assured that we’ve all been there at some time in our lives and fully understand how it happens, whatever ‘it’ is!

Who should contribute?

It is important to understand, this is a totally voluntary platform. It is highly unlikely anyone outside of the VB Family would have any interest in helping whilst we’d like to think anyone who has ever appreciated how much the VB Family has enriched their lives would want to be a regular part of what we do here.

How can YOU help?

We take pride in the strength and passion shared within the VB Family. By donating a ‘small’ amount each month (just £5 maybe?) you can see how the Support Fund will quickly grow over a few months and offer assurance in times of need. There is no deadline for this project.

We are also more than happy to accept one-off donations of your choice, however we do not expect or suggest anyone makes large payments!

Support with Style

Need something for your money? We got that covered… Purchase limited edition merchandise and exclusive artworks and all profits go into the Support Fund automatically. All future VB events will have a percentage of the ticket money donated to the fund.

Why Family237?

Room 237 at the Montepiedra Hotel was the regular home for Steve & Amanda Reed, every year that VBW took place in Campoamor.

When Amanda was taken ill, The VB Family came together in solidarity to show love and support for one of it’s most cherished members. It was this love and support that re-confirmed just how important it is to have good people by your side through thick and thin.

Steve & Amanda are part of an 8-man team on hand to ensure that all requests for help are considered and that all funds are handled and processed legitimately.

The possibilities are endless.

Many of us already do more than our fair share for good causes. If this is outside of your capabilities then that is totally understandable. That said, just stop to imagine how wonderful it would feel to be part of the cause and to know how you have DIRECTLY contributed to the joy and well-being of fellow VB Fam!

What’s in it for me?

Aside from knowing what an amazing person you are by helping, when becoming a regular supporter you will be added to a unique list. We’ll keep you updated with a separate monthly newsletter outlining anything from the past month.

We have always gone out of our way to insist we don’t do VIP, however Family237 subscribers will enjoy:

  • The choice of the best hotel rooms first (particularly exciting as we look for our new home)
  • Pre-release event tickets
  • Special merchandise no one else has.

Thanks for reading.

I am extremely confident in this project and am proud of another of the legacies we will create as the amazing group of people that we are. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to ask.

Respect and Love,

Andy Ward.